The best hunting boots, in all weathers on any surface

Best hunting boots

Hunting boots are a vital part of your hunting equipment - they may even be more important than your weapon. As you brave the cold weather through open fields and muddy forests, you don’t want to be bothered by cold, wet or sore feet. Besides being comfortable, waterproof and warm, hunting boots should also fit well and offer excellent grip on any surface.

Of course, there are many different outdoor boots on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose from classic rubber hunting boots or boots made from PVC. Bekina Boots goes one step further and manufactures hunting boots out of NEOTANE, a high-quality polyurethane material that was developed in-house and which offers numerous advantages. NEOTANE polyurethane makes the boots lighter (extra comfort!), the material is naturally thermo-insulating and the boots last up to three times longer than rubber hunting boots or PVC boots.

NEOTANE boots from Bekina Boots have been tested by various experienced hunters and chosen as the best hunting boots. Why? Firstly, they look for boots that keep their feet dry and warm. As a hunter, you walk many kilometres across wet ground during the coldest months of the year. But warm, dry feet are also crucial for hunters who sometimes stand for hours on end while hunting larger game. Strong outdoor boots for the winter are therefore indispensable for any hunting method. Good news: Bekina Boots rain boots are always 100% waterproof and thermally insulating. Whether your day’s hunting in the countryside consists of sit-on hunting or driving hunts, you won’t be bothered by cold or wet feet.

Of course, hunting boots should also be comfortable - on any surface and all day long. During a half-day hunt, you can easily cover ten tough kilometres as you comb the woods in search of game. Our boots are also equipped for that. They are excellent walking boots that allow you to roam around all day without experiencing pain or fatigue in your legs. That’s because the boots are up to 40% lighter than PVC or rubber boots thanks to the innovative NEOTANE material. In addition, our boots have a shock-absorbing heel, which provides extra comfort.

The flexible NEOTANE material also makes Bekina Boots hunting boots more supple, so you as a hunter can move effortlessly over any terrain. Whether you’re crossing a field at breakneck speed to get to your target, sneaking silently through the forest or scouring the surroundings for hours in the mud.

Our boots fit well without pinching your feet, ankles or calves. But their comfortable, close-fitting finish offers another important advantage. As a hunter, you often walk through dense forests, thorny bushes and swamps and you don’t want your boots to get stuck behind a branch or leaves. Your boots are the last thing you want to think about during the hunt - your focus should be solely on your target!

Finally, Bekina Boots hunting boots also offer excellent grip on any surface. Not unimportant for hunters, as the ground is often wet and slippery during the hunting season. The Steplite EasyGrip hunting boot even has an SRC-certified (Slip-Resistant) sole that prevents you from slipping in mud or on other slippery surfaces.

Your Bekina Boots hunting boots are always delivered with moisture-absorbing insoles. They consist of three layers that prevent sweaty feet, ward off infection and provide shock absorption. The insoles do not need to be replaced every time they are used, as they can be easily washed at 30 °C.

Buying your own hunting boots? Within the range of leisure boots at Bekina Boots you will certainly find a pair that is suitable for your hobby. The Litefield hunting boots are close-fitting NEOTANE boots that are very comfortable to wear. Litefields are also popular gardening boots, so you can also wear your hunting boots in summer to work in the garden.

Prefer a hunting boot that’s a little roomier? Then the Steplite EasyGrip by Bekina Boots is an excellent choice. These boots are also light and feel supple. They have a more classic finish and an SRC-certified sole (slip-resistance certificate). On top of that, these boots are extra-warm, with a thermal insulation value of down to -20 °C.

You will find the best outdoor boots for hunting at Bekina Boots! Convinced? Discover our range of hunting boots on our website.

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