Guide: how to clean your Bekina Boots wellies

Guide cleaning welliesWhether you work in agriculture, fishing or industry - you probably know that a good pair of work wellies is crucial for the job. But even if you only wear your wellies in your spare time to go for a walk by the sea or in the woods, you want the very best quality.

Although Bekina Boots offers wellies made from a strong material, it is also important to maintain them properly. You can only guarantee quality if the wearer also takes good care of his or her wellies. But how exactly do you do that? Our guide shows you step by step how to best clean your work or leisure wellies.

1. Clean correctly and often

Your wellies probably come into contact with dirt every day. And whether it’s mud, sand, manure or oil - it is still important to clean your work wellies regularly. Do you wear them every day, all day long? Then make sure you also clean your work wellies with water and a suitable cleaning agent every day. This prevents the dirt from penetrating the polyurethane and promotes the life of your wellies.

Tip: don’t use too much cleaning product and always rinse your boots with clean water afterwards. Also, never soak wellies in detergent or other chemicals, otherwise you may damage the protective layer.

2. Don’t forget the inside

The inside of your boots should also be cleaned regularly with clean water, as well as the visible outside. After all, dirt can also get inside the boots, and the inner absorbs sweat. Of course, you don’t have to clean the inside of your work wellies every day, but schedule a time every fortnight, for example, depending on how often you wear them.

Important: make sure the inside of your wellies is completely dry before putting them on.

3. Wash your insoles regularly

Bekina Boots wellies come as standard with insoles or ergonomic footbeds. Have you been walking around in your wellies for a long time? Then it’s best to remove the insoles or footbeds and let them dry. You can also wash them every now and then to avoid the smell of sweat and prevent bacteria. They can simply be washed in the washing machine at 30 °C maximum.

4. Let them breathe

Working day or walk over? Then take off your wellies and put them in a dry place where they can air out. It may seem easy to just step out of your overalls and wellies in one movement, but do remove your (work) clothes from the wellies so that the polyurethane can breathe and dry. That way, you’ll increase the life of your wellies.
Do you still have questions about maintaining your Bekina Boots wellies? Feel free to let us know. Need a new pair of wellies? Check out our range on our website.

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