NEOTANE farming wellies: best alternative to rubber wellies

Bekina Boots Neotane farming wellies

The best rubber wellies for farming are strong, safe, comfortable and durable. As a farmer, you work long hours in the fields or stables. Of course, you can opt for classic rubber farming wellies or PVC wellies. But did you know that Bekina Boots wellies made of NEOTANE, a high-quality polyurethane, score better in many areas?

Testimonials for our work wellies for farming confirm that they perform better than rubber or PVC wellies. What makes NEOTANE polyurethane so special? Firstly, this material is lighter in weight. But their light weight in no way means that the wellies lack strength. Extensive tests in our laboratory prove that Bekina Boots work wellies last three times longer than wellies made from other materials. So they are a lot more sustainable for the planet and your wallet.

Are you looking for rubber farming wellies with a steel toe cap? Then you’ve come to the right place at Bekina Boots. Our wellies are available in three safety levels: without safety toe cap or midsole (O4), with steel toe cap (S4) or with steel or non-metallic toe cap and midsole (S5).

When talking about safety, slip resistance is also very important. All Bekina Boots are SRC-certified. This means that they are slip-resistant and therefore guarantee better grip on slippery surfaces. Wellies with a firm grip keep you safe and prevent you from falling.

At Bekina Boots you can buy farming wellies for men and women. We do not differentiate our product range on the basis of gender, but we do have different fits available. With the Steplite EasyGrip, you choose a more tight-fitting wellie; with the StepliteX SolidGrip, you choose a wider shaft.

Finally, Bekina Boots farming wellies are available with different levels of thermal insulation. If you are looking for thermal rubber wellies for farming in the winter, then choose the StepliteX ThermoProtec or Thermolite IceShield wellies, for example, which provide thermal insulation down to -40 °C and -50 °C respectively. No more cold feet, whether in the field or in a cold shed. In addition, the NEOTANE material remains flexible even at extreme temperatures. So comfort is guaranteed!

Need any help choosing your new farming wellies? This checklist will help you.

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