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How do safety boots from Bekina Boots differentiate themselves from other boots in the market? You can read the answers to all your questions in this blog.

NEOTANE farming wellies: best alternative to rubber wellies

24 August 2021 - 1 min. reading time
The best rubber wellies for farming are strong, safe, comfortable and durable. As a farmer, you...
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Guide: how to clean your Bekina Boots wellies

3 April 2023 - 2 min. reading time
Whether you work in agriculture, fishing or industry - you probably know that a good pair of work...
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Looking for rubber farming wellies with a steel toe cap? Try Bekina wellies

6 March 2023 - 2 min. reading time
Whether you are working in a milking parlour among the cows or driving a machine in the field all...
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Bekina awarded EcoVadis 2022 Gold sustainability rating

6 February 2023 - 2 min. reading time
Sustainability is key to Bekina’s long-term strategy, therefore EcoVadis is the perfect reward for...
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Looking for workwear for commercial fishing? Find your wellies at Bekina Boots

6 February 2023 - 1 min. reading time
Are you active in commercial fishing and looking for workwear for yourself and your crew? Then we...
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Comparison of rubber wellies for the food processing industry

5 December 2022 - 3 min. reading time
Do you work in the food processing industry and want to buy suitable footwear for you and your team...
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Green fingers? Discover the best rubber gardening wellies.

7 November 2022 - 1 min. reading time
Feel like working in the garden? Then you’re probably looking for some rubber gardening wellies!...
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Buy farming wellies for men and women

3 October 2022 - 2 min. reading time
When you want to buy new farming wellies, there are several requirements they have to meet. Whether...
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White butcher’s wellies with and without steel toe cap

5 September 2022 - 1 min. reading time
In butcheries and meat processing plants, hygiene is especially important. Butcher’s wellies,...
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Dominique has been wearing our farming work wellies for 10 years! Read his review here

1 August 2022 - 3 min. reading time
Farmer Dominique Van Simaeys also confirms in this review that Bekina Boots farming wellies score...
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