White butcher’s wellies with and without steel toe cap

Butcher's welliesIn butcheries and meat processing plants, hygiene is especially important. Butcher’s wellies, however, come into frequent contact with vegetable and animal oils, fats, various chemical cleaning products and blood. So it is important to know that your butcher’s wellies are really clean after cleaning so that you don’t carry dirt from one work area or production unit to another.

Butcher’s wellies for men and women are therefore usually white so that you can spot dirt easily. The sole profile of our white butcher’s wellies is designed to make them very easy to clean and, because the shaft and sole merge seamlessly, there are no edges where dirt can creep in. So our butcher’s wellies are extra-hygienic!

Besides hygiene, safety is of course key in a butchery or meat processing plant. Our NEOTANE butcher’s wellies are therefore thoroughly tested in our lab and in the field. They are SRC-approved and comply with the strictest standards and norms for work wellies and slip resistance.

Bekina Boots white butcher’s wellies with and without a steel toe cap are made of NEOTANE and are not rubber wellies. NEOTANE is a high-quality polyurethane that is light and very strong. Because of this, wellies made of NEOTANE have a longer service life than rubber or PVC wellies. So you don't have to buy as many butcher’s wellies each year and can save money without compromising on quality and comfort. Our high-quality wellies also offer extra comfort thanks to their fit, flexible material and high thermal insulation value. And the optimum air circulation ensures you don’t get sweaty feet. Once you’ve worn our white NEOTANE butcher’s wellies, you won’t want to go back to rubber or PVC wellies. The difference is remarkable!

The most popular white butcher’s wellie for women is our feather-light Steplite EasyGrip. The wellie is available without safety top (O4) or with a steel toe cap (S4). The comfortable insulating and moisture-absorbing insoles will always keep your feet warm and dry down to as low as -20 °C.

For men, a pair of white StepliteX SolidGrip butcher’s wellies with a wider shaft and steel toe cap (S4) is a good choice. Comfortably warm feet guaranteed down to as low as -30 °C!

Our white StepliteX ThermoProtec butcher’s wellies with a composite toe cap (S4) are perfect for men and women who work in temperatures all the way down to -40 °C.

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