Work wellies for the food industry: our guide

work wellies food industry

Do you work in a butcher’s shop or a food processing plant? Or are you responsible for a team in the food industry? Then food safety is a top priority for you. Bekina Boots not only makes work wellies out of a strong material that is more durable and comfortable than rubber or PVC, our range also contributes to the hygiene in your food company. In this guide we tell you how Bekina Boots work wellies for the food industry and hygiene in the company go hand in hand.

1. Cleaning with chemicals

If you come into daily contact with blood (butcher’s wellies), animal and/or vegetable fats, it is important to clean your work wellies regularly. In the food industry it is also mandatory to thoroughly clean wellies before, during and after work in a boot washing station or boot scrubber, for example. There, the wellies are usually rinsed, scrubbed and chemically disinfected. Bekina Boots are made of NEOTANE, a high-quality polyurethane that is resistant to these chemicals. This means the wellies will not be damaged by regular cleaning in the boot washers and will last a lot longer. On top of that, the wellies do not have a raised edge and the sole and shaft merge seamlessly, ensuring extra-smooth cleaning.

2. Colour codes

Many food companies have different departments where various foods are processed. Here, it is important to avoid cross-contamination in order to ensure food safety. It is one thing to clean work wellies frequently, but it is even more practical to have a different colour wellie for each department. Bekina Boots has different colours available. You can choose from white, yellow or blue work wellies for both men and women, with or without a steel toecap.

3. Maintenance of the insoles

Maintenance of the insoles or footbeds is a key consideration where hygiene and comfort are concerned. Bekina Boots work wellies for the food industry come with insoles or ergonomic footbeds as standard. At the end of the working day, you can take them off to let them dry and air. For extra-thorough cleaning, you can also wash them in the washing machine at 30 °C. Make sure they are completely dry before putting your wellies back on.

Do you still have questions about the Bekina Boots guide to work wellies in the food industry? Feel free to let us know.

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