Looking for Rubber Farming Boots for Winter?

Rubber farming boots winterWork in the agricultural sector continues through the winter. Manure, mud, rain, and ice create wet, dirty, and cold working conditions. This calls for a good pair of waterproof work boots with high slip resistance which are warm and comfortable even in cold temperatures and guarantee safety. Rubber boots may seem like a logical choice, until you try the men’s and women’s work boots from Bekina Boots in NEOTANE polyurethane! Positive ratings and 5-star customer reviews are the best proof that our NEOTANE work boots for farming surpass the classic rubber work boot in many respects.

Bekina Boots are not rubber boots, but quality safety boots made of NEOTANE. This high-quality polyurethane was developed in our own lab and, together with our technical knowledge and experience, makes our work boots for farming stronger, more comfortable, more flexible, and better-insulating than rubber or PVC boots.

Our safety boots for farming are SRC (Slip Resistance Classification) certified and tested in our lab. Of course, lab conditions cannot always be compared with real working conditions. We improve our work wellies year after year, based on feedback we receive from farmers, to make them more slip-resistant, warmer, and more ergonomic. After all, work boots for farming should not only be safe, but also comfortable. You walk around in them all day and don’t want sore feet to ruin your motivation to work. Fortunately, Bekina Boots farming boots are very light, which means you are less likely to feel tired. Thanks to the kick-off spur at the back of the boot, you can also remove your work boots quickly and easily without much fuss—extra handy!

At Bekina Boots, we have developed different types of work boots for men and women working in farming. No rubber work boots for us—rather, quality NEOTANE safety boots with and without a steel toe or protective midsole. From the Steplite EasyGrip available without safety toe and midsole (O4) and with steel toe (S4), StepliteX SolidGrip available without safety toe and midsole (O4), with steel toe(S4), and with non-metallic toe and midsole (S5), to the StepliteX ThermoProtec and Thermolite IceShield (S5), all our NEOTANE safety boots have a high thermal insulation value.

The StepliteX ThermoProtec insulates down to -40 °F (-40 °C). The extra-thick sole not only offers extra protection against the cold, but has a shock-absorbing effect. The StepliteX ThermoProtec is often chosen for use in the milking parlor, where the farmer stands still for a long time on a cold concrete floor. This farming work boot comes with a non-metallic protective toe and midsole (S5).

But the real powerhouse in this range is the Thermolite IceShield, which makes agricultural work in extreme cold just that little bit more comfortable thanks to its thermal insulation value all the way down to -58 °F (-50 °C). This boot is also equipped with a non-metallic toe and midsole (S5).

One of the striking features of Bekina Boots thermal farming boots is their increased comfort. And not just because they guarantee warmth and are 100% waterproof. The boots, made of NEOTANE polyurethane, remain flexible and retain their suppleness even at extremely cold temperatures. In addition, our thermal boots are up to 1.1 pounds (1 lb. 1.6 oz./half a kilogram) lighter than thermo winter boots made from other materials such as rubber and PVC. If you walk around in them for a whole day, it can really make a difference because you experience less pain and fatigue in your legs. In addition, the safety material of our boots is encapsulated in the polyurethane, which increases comfort and prevents any feeling of cold.

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