Work Boots Made of NEOTANE: the Alternative to Rubber Work Boots for the Food Processing Industry

work boots food processing industryDo you work in the food processing industry? Then hygiene and safety are paramount, and a good pair of work boots is crucial. You can opt for classic rubber boots, but the work boots from Bekina Boots made of NEOTANE (a high-quality polyurethane) stand out in many ways. The reviews confirm that our work boots for the food processing industry are extra-comfortable, offer excellent grip, and have a longer working life than rubber boots. This means you won't have to buy as many boots per year, saving on your expenses and total ownership cost.

In the food processing industry or butchery trade, you come into contact with various liquids such as vegetable and animal oils, fats, various chemical cleaning products, and blood. The sole profile of our work boots is designed to make them very easy to clean and, because the shaft and sole merge seamlessly, there are no edges where dirt can creep in. Our work wellies for the food processing industry are extra-hygienic!

Did you know that: Every pair of Bekina work boots is fitted with an RFID tag in the right boot? This allows you to scan, identify, and track the boots.

In addition to hygiene, your safety and that of your employees is a top priority. Our NEOTANE work boots have also been thoroughly tested in our lab, are SRC-approved, and guarantee a good grip on any surface.

When you walk around in work boots for a whole day, you want to experience the same comfort as with a good pair of shoes. Our range of work boots for the food processing industry contains a suitable boot for every job for both men and women. All our boots are made from quality materials that are light and strong. They have a firm grip, a removable insole, and a high thermal insulation value. After just one day working in Bekina Boots work boots, you will feel the difference compared with PVC or rubber boots. In a PVC boot, your foot is trapped and there is no air circulation, so your feet have little room to breathe.

The Steplite EasyGrip is feather-light and has a regular fit, making this boot a particular favorite with women. The boot is available without safety toe cap (O4) and with steel toe (S4). Besides the white work boots, there are also blue, green, and yellow Steplite EasyGrip work boots—ideal for applying color coding in your company to prevent contamination or cross-contamination.

The StepliteX SolidGrips are the perfect white work boots for men working in the food processing industry or in a butcher’s shop and are suitable down to as low as -22 °F (-30 °C). They are slightly more robust and come with a wider shaft. They are available without safety toe cap, with steel toe cap (S4) or composite toe cap and midsole, depending on the color.

Looking for extra-warm work boots for the food processing industry? StepliteX ThermoProtec work boots with a composite toe cap and midsole (S5) can withstand temperatures down to as low as -40 °F. Thermolite IceShield is a thermo-insulating powerhouse with a composite safety toe cap and midsole (S5) that keeps your feet warm even down to-58 °F . This work boot is the top choice for people working in fish processing plants, cold storage, or deep-freeze warehouses.

Want to buy work boots for the food processing industry, but don’t know which is the most suitable? We’ve created a handy overview to help you make the right choice. Check our boot advisor.

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