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rubber wellies food industry testLooking for wellies for the food processing industry? Whether you are looking for wellies for a butcher’s shop or a food processing plant, you will want to find wellies that are economical as well as safe and comfortable.

Bekina Boots can find the right balance for you. Our safety wellies for the food processing industry are constantly tested, both in-house and by people in the field. This way we can guarantee your safety, comfort and the durability and hygiene of your wellies. But it also keeps us innovating compared with other providers. Curious to see how we test our wellies? Then read on!

In-house test lab and product development

First, our wellies are subjected to rigorous testing in our own laboratory. There we look at how each type of wellie scores in terms of safety, quality and comfort. The wellies are tested for:

  • quality
  • antistatic properties
  • protection with an impact test
  • susceptibility to wear of the lining, footbeds and insoles with a Martindale test
  • strength with a compression test
  • tensile and tear strength
  • S5 protection of the sole with a perforation test
  • wear of the sole with an abrasion test
  • flexibility of the sole (flexing resistance) with a flex test

Our lab is regularly audited by recognised Accredited Test Laboratories worldwide. Among other things, they evaluate our internal testing methods and the calibration of our equipment. That way we can guarantee that our performance and safety tests are performed according to the applicable standards and that these tests are carried out properly by us.

Bekina Boots wellies are wellies for adults made of NEOTANE (high-quality polyurethane) without any harmful substances. In our test lab, we also carry out tests to see how this composition compares with other brands and materials. For example, we test whether our wellies can withstand more impact than PVC and rubber wellies for the food processing industry and whether they are more comfortable and wear less than rubber wellies. That way, we keep innovating to guarantee you the best work wellies in terms of safety, durability and comfort. For your information: these tests have already shown that our NEOTANE wellies last three times longer than wellies made of rubber and PVC!

Test panel on the shop floor

In addition to our own in-house test lab, Bekina Boots also works with professionals in the food processing industry. When we launch a new work wellie for this sector, we first have it tested by a large number of employees in different food processing plants and factories. They wear the wellies on the shop floor for a certain period of time so that we can gauge their satisfaction in various areas. For example, are the wellies comfortable enough to wear for a whole working day? Do the different fits meet the requirements of each employee? Are the wellies easy to maintain? Are there any areas for improvement that would increase the ease of use?

Remarkably, our test panel is not only given Bekina Boots wellies to evaluate, but also a range of wellies from other brands and in other materials. As there are no logos on the wellies, the wearer doesn’t know whether he or she is wearing Bekina Boots wellies or another pair of wellies, and his or her report is therefore completely objective. Our test panel will then pass on their findings to us so that we can incorporate them into our further product development. This front-row feedback is crucial to us: our mission is only accomplished when the wellies are approved by the end user. So you can be sure that the Bekina Boots work wellies for the food processing industry meet the highest requirements in your sector.

Do you work in the food processing industry and want to be part of our test panel to test our wellies in the field? Feel free to contact us with your proposal and we will get back to you quickly!

Internationally recognised and approved

Finally, Bekina Boots works with various internationally accredited test institutes. Thanks to their recognition, we can guarantee that our wellies meet global and local standards such as:

Our safety wellies for the food processing industry are also SRC-certified in terms of slip resistance. This is important, because about a quarter of all work accidents are caused by footwear with poor grip! So you can be sure that our work wellies for the food processing industry offer extra safety.

Our range also includes several official safety standards. You can choose the Steplite EasyGrip without safety toe cap (O4), with steel toe cap (S4) and with safety toe cap and sole (S5). In addition, based on your niche in the food processing industry, you can choose wellies that meet the necessary thermal insulation requirements. Our Thermolite IceShield goes to the extreme and protects you from cold feet in temperatures as low as -50 °C.

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