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Are you active in commercial fishing and looking for workwear for yourself and your crew? Then we have good news, because you don’t need to look any further for the best fishing wellies. Bekina Boots is a Belgian family company that designs and produces wellies made from NEOTANE, a high-quality polyurethane material developed in-house as an alternative to rubber fishing wellies.

All designs are tested in our laboratory and we are in close contact with professional fishermen who wear our wellies and give feedback from the front line. Experience has shown that our NEOTANE wellies are the most comfortable fishing wellies and score highly in terms of safety and durability.

This is because the material is light in weight, but also sturdy and its flexible nature allows for more freedom of movement. In addition, our fishing wellies are designed not to pinch around your feet and legs, are easy to clean and fishing nets can’t catch on the soles. We assure you that our wellies are the best choice to complete your equipment for commercial fishing!

The Bekina Boots StepliteX StormGrip wellies will fit in well with your fishing rainwear because they are waterproof and have an SRC-certified sole. This has been specially designed to provide extra grip and stability on the wet, smooth deck and prevents slipping. In addition, these thermally insulated fishing wellies keep your feet warm with an insulation value all the way down to -40 °C.

Need more protection? Then you can choose the StepliteX StormGrip wellies with safety level S5, equipped with a non-metallic safety toecap and sole. Unlike metal, composite material is resistant to corrosion and will therefore not rust on contact with seawater, making the wellies last much longer. So kit out yourself and your crew in the best fishing gear with extra safety for both onshore and sea operations.

Go to the Bekina Boots website and discover our range of fishing wellies to complete all you need for your commercial fishing operation!

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